Fall gardening

It’s Fall Y’all! Get Your Gardening On!

That's right, today is the first day of autumn. Thanks to Google's doodle, I have been informed of the arrival of autumn. And, appropriately so, a cold front blew in last night. This is a perfect day to remind you that fall is the BEST time for gardening. In fact, all of the other seasons could just disappear and I would be happy, happy, happy to bask in the glory of fall. … [Read More...]

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NC Arboretum

NC Arboretum Sneak Peek

Yesterday I visited the NC Arboretum near Asheville and boy was it worth the trip! Wow! Here is a sneak peek of a few things my friend Sandy and I saw. I will put up a proper post in the next few days! Happy Friday! … [Read More...]

Watchful Wednesday

Watchful Wednesday

Watchful Wednesday is about observation. It is about taking a short break to quietly observe the many wonders that surround us and sharing it with others. Take a moment and observe… … [Read More...]

Butterfly Gardens

Planting a Butterfly Garden

Sometimes gardening sounds so difficult and the amount of information can be daunting. It can make your head swim and cause an acute case of analysis paralysis. Ever feel that way? Think about it, when someone can write a whole book on just one gardening topic, then it must be a really difficult and … [Read More...]

Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls

I've missed two Watchful Wednesdays in a row, but I have a very good excuse...I was out watching. So take that, Watchful Wednesday! I spent yesterday hiking Raven Cliff Falls trail in Caesars Head State Park with some ladies of Trail Dames. If you haven't hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, then strap on your … [Read More...]

Slow gardening

Slow Gardening…heck, slow everything!

A client of mine was explaining to me that her HOA gives out pink slips to residents whose yards are not quite up to standard. I wondered whose standard? I was also very grateful that I don't live in her neighborhood or have an HOA to contend with because I would probably be able to wallpaper with the number … [Read More...]