Argiope egg sac

Finding an Argiope Egg Sac

I have long advocated that it is impossible to love and respect something that you don't understand. In fact, misunderstanding often manifests itself in fear, anger, and even violence. Look around you and observe when people (or any creature) act out of fear. But once understanding enters the picture those fears are generally waylaid and fascination, wonder, and intrigue … [Read More...]

Argiope: The Common Garden Spider

Argiope: The Common Garden Spider

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a new garden visitor. She constructed her web between the coneflowers and the coreopsis in close proximity to lots of buzzing, flying insects. Smart girl. I’m delighted to welcome her to the garden, although I admit it is a love-hate relationship. I’m pretty sure that I would scream […]

Turn an old metal filing cabinet into a garden planter.

From Office to Garden: Filing Cabinet to Garden Planter

Somewhere along life’s path I found myself devoid of a large garden planter (or two). Now that I have a decent sized patio area, I want to fill it with containers and plants. BUT…I have yet to win the lottery because that would be what it takes to purchase the size and number of containers I want. […]

What's in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

I will admit to irreverence when it comes to some flowers. Roses come to mind. Not crazy about them. They are way too fussy for me, and they just don’t do anything for the pollinators that I love to have in my garden. Some bulbs come to mind as well. There is no doubt that […]

Design Tip: Repeat Distinctive Shapes

Design Tip: Repeat Distinctive Shapes

In early June I trekked to Toronto to spend four days on a bus with a bunch of camera-wielding, garden-crazed plant nerds. We visited well over 30 gardens—private, public, and botanical—each with its own distinct style and feel. (And the gardens were interesting, too!) By the time I returned home I was on garden overload, […]

Mexican Bean Beetle

Ay-yi-yi! The Mexican Bean Beetle

There was a fiesta in the bean patch this morning. Even the mariachi band was there, but apparently I wasn’t invited. I noticed that the leaves of my bush beans were suffering a bit, but I chalked it up to some sudden extreme heat and dryness that we experienced last week. Oh, no. I was […]

Got Sun? Get Perennials!

Got Sun? Get Perennials!

Got some sunshine in your yard? Get some perennials! Well, not right now. Now is the time to be planning and preparing for fall planting. Fall is the best time to plant perennials, and perennials are the perfect choice for bringing life and color into your garden. Life, you say? Flowering perennials can be thought […]

In the House

Bamboo shades

The Layered Window: Texture with Bamboo Shades

The interior of a home is much like a great garden…it is made up of many layers. As we plant and tend our gardens over the years, we add and subtract plants and pathways and other elements to make the garden our own. This happens inside our homes as well. I’m much more at home […]

Small Bathroom Makeover

Small Bathroom Makeover

Slowly but surely the house makeover marches on! When I bought my little bungalow, I was drawn to the practical stuff like the all-brick exterior, the wood floors, the wiring, and all the other stuff that most folks would find boring. If those things are in place, then the cosmetic fixing-up is do-able. So far […]


My Winter Projects

It’s warm and wet outside, the birds are everywhere and singing their little hearts out, and I’m feeling a teensy bit panicky. Why? Because it is obviously spring–all of the sudden–and I have so much to do! Just a few days ago we had snow and ice and now it is spring! My only comfort […]

Reupholster an Ottoman

How to Reupholster an Ottoman

Wow! I actually got another small project done yesterday! I managed to reupholster an ottoman. But before I get to that and if you are confused and thought this was a blog about gardening, etc., it is. You are in the right place, but since winter is approaching and I’m in the house more, I’m sharing […]

book swap

Book Swap!

Crafting disaster aside, let’s get back to things I know how to do and love! Books! Books! Books! I love books…real, tangible, made-with-paper, hold-in-your-hands, turn-real-pages books. With the cold weather upon us, it’s time to take a look at our libraries for winter entertainment and study. There are gift lists galore right now and chances are […]


Curtains for the Dining and Living Rooms

Fall is winding down and winter is well on its way. I finished my outdoor chores for the year (well…sort of…mostly), and I moved myself indoors for some projects that have been waiting for my attention for far too long. Some garden design work still lingers, and I’m still acquiring plants for clients and placing them […]

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