Providing for wildlife during the winter

Providing for Wildlife During the Winter

I think Mother Nature is confused with all of the Christmas shenanigans already in full force. It's mid-November in South Carolina, and it is 25 degrees out there this morning at 7:00 A.M. The second wave of The Polar Vortex swept through last night leaving us a heavy frost and iced over birdbaths. I have a theory that if Christmas music wasn't already playing … [Read More...]

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fall leaves

I Won the Leaves Lottery!

I am a woman of my word! I walk the talk, baby! As you well know, I have been coveting my neighbors' leaves since my yard has virtually no trees. (I am rectifying that situation.) I have been plotting ways to go around my neighborhood collecting the curbside piles of leaves without looking like a total … [Read More...]

winter perennials

One Gardening Rule Worth Breaking

Oh boy! This time of year the weather can sure throw us a curve ball or two! We woke up to snow this last Saturday! Snow on November 1 in South Carolina! That's crazy! It sure kicked me in the seasonal pants as a reminder that winter is well on its way and sent me into a panic knowing that I haven't gotten … [Read More...]

fall leaves

Leaf Mulch…Nature’s Bargain!

It is no secret that I love fall. I also love a good bargain, and Mother Nature provides just that bargain every fall in the form of leaves that then become leaf mulch. Leaves turn amazing colors...reds, oranges, and yellows...and then they fall to the ground. That's when the bargain hunting begins! Those … [Read More...]

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fall mums

Bah Mum Bug!

I love fall. I haven’t really experienced fall since I was a young girl until last year when I moved to the South Carolina Upstate. Until last year, fall was just a time that leaves fell off trees more so because of the lack of rain rather than a seasonal change. Kids trick-or-treated in their […]


The Reward for Planting a Butterfly Garden

Oh my goodness. I just finished planting the perennials in my new butterfly garden last week and already the visitors are rolling in. It’s true…plant it and they will come! If you have read a few of my posts, you will know that I am ripping out grass and putting in beds. This butterfly garden […]

Fall gardening

It’s Fall Y’all! Get Your Gardening On!

That’s right, today is the first day of autumn. Thanks to Google’s doodle, I have been informed of the arrival of autumn. And, appropriately so, a cold front blew in last night. This is a perfect day to remind you that fall is the BEST time for gardening. In fact, all of the other seasons could […]

Butterfly Gardens

Planting a Butterfly Garden

Sometimes gardening sounds so difficult and the amount of information can be daunting. It can make your head swim and cause an acute case of analysis paralysis. Ever feel that way? Think about it, when someone can write a whole book on just one gardening topic, then it must be a really difficult and complicated hobby. Right? One whole book on […]

Slow gardening

Slow Gardening…heck, slow everything!

A client of mine was explaining to me that her HOA gives out pink slips to residents whose yards are not quite up to standard. I wondered whose standard? I was also very grateful that I don’t live in her neighborhood or have an HOA to contend with because I would probably be able to […]

Choosing the color of your outdoor furniture

Choosing the Color of Your Outdoor Furniture

Choosing colors is hard. We all have our favorites that we easily pick for the small stuff like clothes, pillows, plants, and flowers. But when it comes time to choosing a color for the big stuff, the stuff that dominates the room (think wall colors and furniture) or the stuff that takes a big bite […]