How to Feed a Caterpillar

How to Feed a Caterpillar

This post contains affiliate links as designated by the asterisk (*). For more information, see my disclosures here. Plant it and they will come! As the weather warms, the flying critters emerge from their winter homes looking for food and a place to nest or lay their eggs. I spotted the first butterfly of the season flitting about my broccoli. She was looking for a … [Read More...]

Today in the garden violets

Today in the Garden: A New Feature

Ok…the dirt nerd is me is feeling all tingly. Spring has sprung in such an exuberant fashion that I have decided to add a small column to the right side of the page for daily (or almost daily) garden happenings. I know, the fact that the broccoli is actually doing what broccoli is suppose to […]

Butterfly Gardens

Planting a Butterfly Garden

Sometimes gardening sounds so difficult and the amount of information can be daunting. It can make your head swim and cause an acute case of analysis paralysis. Ever feel that way? Think about it, when someone can write a whole book on just one gardening topic, then it must be a really difficult and complicated hobby. Right? One whole book on […]

The Urban Hedgerow

The Urban Hedgerow

It’s fun to know what other people are doing in their gardens. Maybe it’s the dirt nerd in me liking to compare my weekend gardening adventures with others, but never-the-less, I enjoy it. My friend, Sandy, has a Southern Living-style garden. It belongs in the magazine,and she spends so much of her time rearranging her plants. […]

In the House


My Winter Projects

It’s warm and wet outside, the birds are everywhere and singing their little hearts out, and I’m feeling a teensy bit panicky. Why? Because it is obviously spring–all of the sudden–and I have so much to do! Just a few days ago we had snow and ice and now it is spring! My only comfort […]

Reupholster an Ottoman

How to Reupholster an Ottoman

Wow! I actually got another small project done yesterday! I managed to reupholster an ottoman. But before I get to that and if you are confused and thought this was a blog about gardening, etc., it is. You are in the right place, but since winter is approaching and I’m in the house more, I’m sharing […]

book swap

Book Swap!

Crafting disaster aside, let’s get back to things I know how to do and love! Books! Books! Books! I love books…real, tangible, made-with-paper, hold-in-your-hands, turn-real-pages books. With the cold weather upon us, it’s time to take a look at our libraries for winter entertainment and study. There are gift lists galore right now and chances are […]


Curtains for the Dining and Living Rooms

Fall is winding down and winter is well on its way. I finished my outdoor chores for the year (well…sort of…mostly), and I moved myself indoors for some projects that have been waiting for my attention for far too long. Some garden design work still lingers, and I’m still acquiring plants for clients and placing them […]

ikea cabinets

Drawers vs. Doors…Kitchen Cabinets

Getting a new kitchen is exciting stuff. Whether you’re remodeling or building new, careful planning is a must for the most used room in the house. I wrote a post awhile back about my kitchen remodel. (New Ikea Kitchen) I’ve received several requests to elaborate a bit on the kitchen cabinets, so let’s talk drawers vs. […]

Over the fridge Ikea cabinet

Ikea’s Over the Fridge Cabinet

It’s Ikea kitchen season. Ikea is winding down its annual kitchen sale and folks are now faced with installing their new kitchen cabinets. I, for one, am an enormous fan of Ikea cabinets. I have installed cabinets in two kitchens, a mudhall, a laundry room, and two bathrooms. And when I say that I installed […]