Biltmore Estate

A Holiday Visit to Biltmore

My daughter is home for the holidays and to get in the spirit, we visited Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It's a fascinating home, and I highly recommend a daytime visit. Be sure to rent the recorded tour or take one they offer as you will learn all sorts of history and tidbits about the construction of the house you might not otherwise see. Our first visit was … [Read More...]

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Reupholster an Ottoman

How to Reupholster an Ottoman

Wow! I actually got another small project done yesterday! I managed to reupholster an ottoman. But before I get to that and if you are confused and thought this was a blog about gardening, etc., it is. You are in the right place, but since winter is approaching and I'm in the house more, I'm sharing the … [Read More...]

book swap

Book Swap!

Crafting disaster aside, let's get back to things I know how to do and love! Books! Books! Books! I love books...real, tangible, made-with-paper, hold-in-your-hands, turn-real-pages books. With the cold weather upon us, it's time to take a look at our libraries for winter entertainment and study. There are … [Read More...]

failed craft project

Flower Ornament Craft Fail

Oh, boy. I am so not a crafty person. I admire all of you who are. How on earth do you do it? In my mind I am this amazing Martha Stewart type, whipping through Hobby Lobby and gathering my supplies. Then returning home to fashion fabric poinsettias for the Christmas tree all before cooking that five-course … [Read More...]

Calmer life

7 Ways to a Calmer Life

I went through a pretty awful divorce a few years ago (aren't they all?) and during that time I did a lot of reflecting on the life I had lead to that point and the life I wanted to lead going forward. As a result, I made a very conscience decision to lead a less frenzied, calmer life. It was and still is the … [Read More...]


Curtains for the Dining and Living Rooms

Fall is winding down and winter is well on its way. I finished my outdoor chores for the year (well...sort of...mostly), and I moved myself indoors for some projects that have been waiting for my attention for far too long. Some garden design work still lingers, and I'm still acquiring plants for clients and … [Read More...]

Latest Outside Projects

Providing for wildlife during the winter

Providing for Wildlife During the Winter

I think Mother Nature is confused with all of the Christmas shenanigans already in full force. It’s mid-November in South Carolina, and it is 25 degrees out there this morning at 7:00 A.M. The second wave of The Polar Vortex swept through last night leaving us a heavy frost and iced over birdbaths. I have […]

fall leaves

I Won the Leaves Lottery!

I am a woman of my word! I walk the talk, baby! As you well know, I have been coveting my neighbors’ leaves since my yard has virtually no trees. (I am rectifying that situation.) I have been plotting ways to go around my neighborhood collecting the curbside piles of leaves without looking like a total […]

winter perennials

One Gardening Rule Worth Breaking

Oh boy! This time of year the weather can sure throw us a curve ball or two! We woke up to snow this last Saturday! Snow on November 1 in South Carolina! That’s crazy! It sure kicked me in the seasonal pants as a reminder that winter is well on its way and sent me into a […]

fall leaves

Leaf Mulch…Nature’s Bargain!

It is no secret that I love fall. I also love a good bargain, and Mother Nature provides just that bargain every fall in the form of leaves that then become leaf mulch. Leaves turn amazing colors…reds, oranges, and yellows…and then they fall to the ground. That’s when the bargain hunting begins! Those leaves are […]


Bluebirds…Garden Visitors

Happy hour happens everyday since I put the birdbath in the garden. Late in the afternoon the neighborhood birds start gathering for a drink and a quick dip. They’re all very civilized about it. Bluebirds, cardinals, sparrows, house wrens, and mockingbirds collect on the powerlines, rooflines and in the nearby trees all waiting their turn. […]

fall mums

Bah Mum Bug!

I love fall. I haven’t really experienced fall since I was a young girl until last year when I moved to the South Carolina Upstate. Until last year, fall was just a time that leaves fell off trees more so because of the lack of rain rather than a seasonal change. Kids trick-or-treated in their […]